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Enhance Your Massage

Signature Stone Enhancements

Take your massage experience to an entirely new level of relaxation with the addition of some of our signature treatments.

A masseuse's hands pressing two black stones into a woman's back.

Hot Stones

Smooth, heated river stones become an extension of your Massage Therapist’s hands. The stones are in constant fluid motion and allow the therapist to work deeper into areas of tension, using heat therapy to naturally relax and expand tight muscles. The result is deep relaxation and peace.

Himalayan Salt Stones

Warm salt crystal stones soothe away stress and tension, and promote an increased sense of well-being. The Himalayan Salt Stone’s grounding properties help to improve sleep and balance the Central Nervous System. Additionally, the stones gently exfoliate to promote naturally smooth and silky skin, reducing signs of aging.

Contrast Therapy

Cool marble stones and soothing hot stones provide the contrast of alternating hot and cold for incredible benefits. From alleviating chronic and acute muscular problems to delivering more oxygen and nutrients to your cells, this relaxing technique is known for speeding up the healing process for injury recovery.

Cold Stone Face Massage

It’s time to awaken your senses. To start, hot towels are placed on your face to stimulate circulation. Then soothing, cool marble stones are placed on your face to reduce inflammation or eye puffiness. This is the perfect treatment for anyone experiencing sinus congestion or migraine pain and can be added to any massage.

Assisted Therapies

Experience restorative relief with the assistance of these devices. Expertly wielded by your Massage Therapist.

A black man receiving massage therapy from an electronic device.

Theragun Enhancement

Enjoy the deepest muscle release with the world’s quietest percussive therapy device. Combining percussive therapy with a massage service will melt away muscle tension, soreness, tightness, and stress, all while gently calming your nervous system.

Cupping Massage

This decompression therapy uses specialized cups to create negative pressure that helps improve circulation and relieve muscle discomfort. Gliding cups release muscle tension, increase metabolic response, lift connective tissue and deliver fresh blood to stagnant muscles and skin.

Targeted Treatments

Give your hands or feet the special attention they deserve. Targeted treatments are a great enhancement to any massage.

A masseuse's hands placing a black stone into a woman's palm.

Paraffin Wax Hand or Foot Treatment

Alleviate hand or foot pain due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, or even harsh weather conditions. We use soothing massage techniques and warm paraffin therapeutic gloves and booties to deliver an exclusive mixture of essential oils and paraffin wax to ease pain and moisturize skin.

Targeted Hot Stone Hand or Foot Massage

To relieve discomfort in your hands or feet we use hot stones to provide a warm, soothing massage that also increases circulation to your extremities. Ideal if you suffer from carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, or poor circulation.

Relaxation Enhancements

Make your spa day an extra soothing experience with these relaxing enhancements.

A masseuse's hands massaging a white man's back


Enhance your massage with the benefits of CBD oil. By combining the finest CBD-infused coconut oil with the massage service you already love, you will experience a new level of relief and relaxation.

Menthol Soothing Therapy

Suffering from arthritis, back pain, sore muscles and joints? Try our Menthol Soothing Therapy Enhancement. We will apply Stopain® Clinical Topical Pain Relief Gel to any sore area during any massage treatment for instant relief.

Exfoliating Treatments

Stimulate and renew your skin with gentle but effective exfoliating treatments. These refreshing enhancements can be added to any massage.

Exfoliating Hand or Foot Treatment

Relax into a custom sensory experience with your choice of m. greengrass signature scents (or Fragrance-Free). Your service provider will wrap your hands or feet in hot towels and gently stretch and compress your skin. You then receive a stimulating exfoliation scrub followed by luxurious hydrating cream with a full deep hand or foot massage. This is an ideal treatment for anyone who loves to have special attention paid to their hands or feet.

Exfoliating Copper Mitt Treatment

Superb natural fibers and pure copper threads create a 100% seamless and super smooth exfoliation. Copper is an excellent weapon against the signs of aging and is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of aging for smoother, younger-looking skin.


Aromatherapy is a powerful way to enhance the effectiveness of a massage or facial. It can calm the nerves and promote physical and emotional health.

A masseuse dropping oil into their hands over a white man's back during a massage.


Restore with Eucalyptus aromatherapy. Eucalyptus is known to relieve sinus problems, congestion, joint and muscle pain, and mental fatigue. Its aroma is clear, sharp, fresh, and very distinctive.


Relax with Lavender aromatherapy. Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing effects. It relieves anxiety and stress and promotes a general feeling of well-being.


Refresh with Peppermint aromatherapy. Peppermint is known to increase mental alertness which can provide a great pick-me-up if you are feeling tired.

Pair With Your Favorite Massage

A masseuse's hands placing gray stones onto a man's shoulder.

Hot Stone

Enjoy the deep relaxation and release of tension that comes from hot stones.

A masseuse's hands placing pink salt stones on a white woman's shoulder.

Himalayan Salt

Salt crystal stones are used to soothe away stress and tension, and promote an increased sense of well-being.

A masseuse's hands massaging the shoulder of a white man.


Help your body recover with a no-nonsense massage that stretches tight areas and stimulates inactive muscles and soft tissue.